Cemre & Dung // Intimate Wedding Story Cezayir

Klasik dügünleri tamamen unutuyorsunuz ve kendinizi bu güzel günün detaylarına bırakıyorsunuz.

Eglencenin, sevginin dolu dolu yasandıgı bir güne eslik etmenin mutlulugunu sözlerle degil, fotograflar ile bolca anlatıyorum.

Güzel anlara…

Hair + MUA / Saç + Makyaj; Unite Makeup And Hair

Wedding Gown / Gelinlik; Vakko Wedding

Wedding Planner / Organizasyon; Citrus Event

Florist / Cicek Duzenleme; Sunday Istanbul

Wedding Cake / Dugun Pastası; Yirmidört

Wedding Venue / Mekan; Cezayir Restaurant

Dung; “Cemre and I have an interesting relationship, we are always together, we are together at home and work. People always say, you work at the same company as your wife, you spend so much time together, that’s strange. Well, I’m happy about it, because every moment I spend with Cemre, she makes me a better person”

She said;

“Thank you for being with us today and pretenting that we weren’t already married. You each contributed in some way to this day but I’d like to thank our family, who have been so supportive throughout all of this and my not-bridesmaid-bridesmaids who have lived thru this with me as if it was their own wedding and dealt with my bridezilla moments. I wouldn’t have been able to pick my nail polish color without you guys.

Here’s the emotional part from a not very emotional person. Since I was a kid, I always dreamed that I would marry a Vietnamese guy. All jokes aside, Dung used to wake up at 7 am to talk to me because of our crazy time difference. We had an app to count the days until we saw eachother again.

We now live in the same apartment for 2 years now, we have gone through so much and we are changing together. Some things still haven’t changed though. I still find your socks at random locations in the house. You still get drunk everytime we go out and I still find new ways in which I love you. Like how you look like a starfish when you do a jumping jack and I how you make me waffles at 3 am after we drank and I fall asleep before I even eat it

You chose to deal with my eclair addiction and my 50 year old snoring but its too late to take it back cause we have a tattoo together and I hear those things are hard to remove. Anyway, I love you, may we spend a long, beautiful yet chaotic life, and always together…”

He said;

“I’d like to thank everybody for being here tonight. First of all, I’d like to thank our parents. Truth be told, long distance relationships are kind of bullshit, you always know it’s not going to workout, everyone tells you a billion reasons why it won’t but they supported us through this whole period. Secondly I’d like to thank our friends who traveled from so far away, America, Singapore, Australia. Then I’d like to thank our friends coming from Europe and lastly those coming from Istanbul. Thank you all for making this night special.

This is the part I’m going to het a bit philosophical. Nowadays when you are looking at life , you always look at people who do everything effortlessly . All those people on instagram doing amazing things without any effort. I also think that you are valued if you do things effortlessly. But screw that. Me and Cemre have been through 2 moves, 1 MBA, 2 promotions. Moved from Vietnam and Turkey to Czech, to Romania, also a bit of UK, had to plan for an MBA, a wedding, it was really hard. You may think I sound bitter when I say this but I’m not. These challenges shaped the way we are as a couple. If someone said, hey Dung, get in this Delorean and change the way things were, I would say no, this is exactly how I want my life to be.

Cemre and I have an interesting relationship, we are always together, we are together at home and work. People always say, you work at the same company as your wife, you spend so much time together, that’s strange. Well, I’m happy about it, because every moment I spend with Cemre, she makes me a better person. When she first met me I was horrible, now I’m barely tolerable. She made me better and that is what I’m getting from this relationship. I can only hope she feels like she is getting better as well. This journey that we are going to embark on I’m not just happy to start it, I’m excited to have this and I wouldn’t want to have it with anybody else because she isn’t just my wife, she is my best friend…”

Her best friend said;

” Hello everyone

I’m Cana. I’ll try to keep it short and not so emotional, but for the ones that know me you know that this might be challenging, so bare with me 🙂

In contrary to our current situation where we need to plan flights to see each other, at highschool and university we were sharing dorm and a home together with cemre. With spending most of our time together, maybe we even looked alike because of this, as even now, people think that we’re sisters 🙂 After being together in good days and bad days, talking and laughing for hours, with feeling appreciation to each other, ps. little secret, we even had a nail blog together, our luck together turned down and and we had to start living apart, we even missed a chance to live in London together, by a month, However as we know the story, Cemre leaving for London created the chance for these actually 7-month-married couple, and for us with Cemre nothing has changed for these 12 years, as we are still always there for each other, special thanks to voice notes 🙂

As a person that cannot make guesses, one of my rare correct guess was that Cemre will get married earlier than everyone thought and will surprise us in a way. We can’t say that I was wrong, right ? When cemre first told about Dung on Skype, although they have to try long-distance, I could see that she wanted this to go on, which I understand why when I first met Dung and saw these two together. So this part goes to groom.

I remember you were so kind, helpful and thoughtful when you greeted me at London. Within your kindness I have realized that anyone or anything that is important to Cemre, is important to you. But when I see how you cared about Cemre, how you show your love, your gratitude; I know that you will always be there for her. Which makes me so grateful to you. And also you got all the extra points because of the hand made pizzas and dumplings, and for introducing me to the Arepas 🙂 – you know, food is important, that’s why we all love this trait about you

Seeing you two passing every challenge through your adventure, I know that you will be together no matter what happens or in which country you are 🙂 And I know that your life together will give you the chance to know other great things about each other every single day.

May you have many wonderful memories, many laughs, but most importantly may you be always side by side 🙂 And thank you for making me a part of your story ! (And also for tasting the cakes for you two :))

We love you, Sizi seviyoruz !

To coconut and the peach ! “